Flex Packaging AL S.p.a., works in the flexible packaging field
made by flexographic printing system.

It produces both reels of material suitable for wrapping machines and bags for subsequent packaging.
It operates both directly and through its own sales network, on a national level with a growing presence also in the foreign markets.

Our particularly broad commercial offer deals primarily with the following industries:

• Food: coffee, cold meats, cheeses, dairy products, fresh pasta, dried pasta, nuts, confectionery snacks, semi-finished products for ice cream and pastry shops;

• No Food: cosmetics, pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical products, pet food, fertilisers;

• Neutral packaging: anonymous bags and Doypacks


Registered name: FLEX PACKAGING AL S.p.A.
Offices: Cava dei Tirreni (Sa) Italia
Founded in: 1988
Production: Flexible packaging -- Coils material suitable for packaging machines and bags which are then used for packages.
Printing type: Flexography
Facility size: 6,000 sqm covered - 16,000 sqm overall
Production, printing and laminating lines: N. 6
Logistic: Automated internal warehouse with a capacity of 2,000 pallets
Research & Development Investments: Average last three years € 300,000.00/year
Markets: Italy and abroad
Average orders per year: 4.600

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