Flex Packaging AL has the certifications that guarantee his products about the health and hygiene of the materials that touch the food (BRC IoP standards) and also about the quality of the printing system (FULL HD FLEXO system).

BRC / IoP standard: the global standard for food safety

The standard's requirements are very detailed and specific, and in some cases exceed the basic requirements provided by law.

The key points of the standard are:

The adoption of a risk-analysis system (according to the HACCP method)

A documented technical management system

Control of the manufacturing environment, product processes and personnel.



The FULL HD FLEXO system is a new process for producing digital flexo plates. These new plates are higher quality and print with a more stable performance than standard digital flexo plates.

The Full HD Flexo system allows for perfect inking with the right density in the full ends, resulting in bright colours and superior print quality.

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