For the Fresh Pasta line we offer packaging solutions to ensure the freshness and wholesomeness of the packaged products, keeping their organoleptic characteristics intact prolonging their shelf life.

The proposed packages are characterised by high gas barrier properties and therefore suitable for vacuum packaging and in modified atmospheres.

Our lab is able to provide technical support and information regarding the materials and quality control testing and characterisation developed in collaboration with the University Federico II - Department of Materials Engineering and Food Chemistry.

The sizes

Reels suitable for packaging with vertical and horizontal machines for the production of square bottom, padded, top trays and doypack bags.

Bags and doypack of different shapes, sizes and compositions according to customer needs.

The materials

The range of products includes solutions characterised by:

• Mid to high barrier to gases and water vapour

• High water vapour and oxygen barrier

• High light, oxygen and water vapour barrier

• High exclusive performance (active and passive barriers)

The composition of the laminates varies depending on the characteristics of the products to be packaged and customer needs.

Request informations

We will be glad to listen your needs and to give to you our proposals.