The Flex Packaging AL lamination department is equipped with technologically advanced and highly productive solvent, solvent-less and water-based laminating systems that are dedicated to the production of poly-coupled multi-functional laminates.

The high quality raw materials used for the production of laminated films and high-tech processing machines, together with the experience of our operators and technicians and the continuous checks carried out on product batches, allow us to manufacture and supply high quality laminated films that are guaranteed in terms of food safety.

Our laminates are characterised by high-barrier properties, good transparency and high mechanical performance, as they are designed and optimised based on the packaging needs and characteristics of the products to be packaged.

One of Flex Packaging's missions is to be competitive in terms of quality and innovation: part of our laboratory's activities is dedicated to customer support to identify optimised solutions according to specific needs, as well as research projects focused on studying innovative and eco-sustainable packaging solutions and optimisations of the process' phases.

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